Fortunately… Life’s a Cookie!

The course of your life is not set in stone…or a COOKIE! You decide who you will be. You have the ability to change! In this powerful presentation you will be inspired to TAKE CONTROL! As we head into a new era, our lives are more hectic than ever. As the world embraces the “information super highway” it is easy to find yourself feeling like you have been left behind. (Or just run over!) In an entertaining and thought-provoking format the audience will be lead through a journey to change. Using funny and heartwarming stories with a point, this presentation will prove that “LIFE IS A COOKIE”! Characteristics such as a positive attitude, hard work, determination and focus along with a solid plan of attack will ensure you get your “Just Desserts”.

This dynamic and captivating presentation will not soon be forgotten! The audience will leave exhilarated and enlightened!

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