You Want Me To Do What??

“You Want Me To Do WHAT?!?”

Surviving and Thriving in a Changing World is not easy! Change is happening at breakneck speed: the competition is tougher, the customer is more sophisticated, margins are shrinking, entire industries are disappearing and everybody is downsizing—trying to that change is a constant, so we MUST embrace it to succeed.

► Some Of The Seminar Highlights Include:
Develop the 7 traits of change ready people
Gain the competitive edge not by competing but by changing the game
Create a change ready environment that will encourage innovation and cutting edge thinking

Discover the 6 key skills for change readiness

C- Communicate effectively
H- Have the skills
A- Adapt to people’s styles
N- Negotiate through the change process
G- Go with the flow!
E- Expect to succeed

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