Strategies for Writing College Case Studies

Internal design handles a range of topics, including colour idea that is simple to complex architectural layout. These subjects could be broken down more the changes of layout, and by versions through record in different places. Locating a topic for a research-paper requires restricting your document into a subject that is very distinct and looking through this plethora of information. Styles Interior planning covers a vast array of decorating models, including Art-Deco, Edwardian, Victorian or mission-style. Describe the colour hues and trims applied to the house’s surface and the various kinds of wall treatments inside. Explain the architectural details define the style, like a rack ceilings, halfmoon windows or bedrooms that are little. Discuss the weather of the furniture, the components found in the construction of the wood therapies or stains as well as the furniture to get a distinct decorating style. Combinations Examine the forms and colour principle of style options within different color mixtures. Reveal the value of the interplay of soft and challenging surfaces along with colors and colors in a monochromatic style plan.

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Present a contrasting scheme involving hues that are contrary on the color wheel, or a typical example of the unified color-scheme, which includes three colors next-to eachother. Showcase perhaps the addition of the natural into a vibrant layout or the advantages of a scheme that is natural. Architectural Differences Concentrate your document on contrasting the architectural nuances within one design over places and distinct regions. Greek is included Gothic, by several new models to select from Tudor or Rebirth. Compare the similiarities with the types, including the types of lighting or window frames found in the design, the keeping the rooms within the house, along with the use of complex, rounded or straight traces. Display the variations between your locations when you point the types of furniture out, move of shade or type in the substance and fabrics used. Trends While the interior design field is consistently developing, create your document about new developments in design. Examine the transition time for structure and furniture as it links the difference involving the old and new tendencies.

How do you begin doing it? listed here is some advice.

Describe fabrics the colour selections and styles for the year and just how they are selected. Highlight light specifics, the new extras, colour remedies, wall colors or wall-paper styles that are getting warm. Point out some of the older traits which is outstanding with the new versions.

Handling the Work-Load as well as the School Weight

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A very important factor that a lot of people don’t know is that non-profit agencies can submit an application for and obtain government scholarships. This is a key source of backing for many non-profits. Since non profit possess a lot of volunteers their expense is usually a lot less than the regular for profit business. One non profit lately sent applications for and acquired a government grant that was sizable to enhance their equine treatment heart. The people at this center use mounts to assist the quality of the lives improves. The government awards they acquired may help them purchase much more horses and more terrain. In addition, it visited enable with all the preservation of the whole facility. I was advised that next year they’ll make an application for six awards. Something that lots of individuals and they discover very helpful is always to have a qualified writer.

First, the worker should be powered, they need to enjoy what they do, and they must perform hard.

Writing can at-times be really annoying and time consuming. Writing has turned into a quite competitive area and certainly a large amount are of qualified grant writers available. A great deal of non-profits don’t possess the excess funds to engage a writer that is professional. In these instances their solutions will be offered by several offer writers in a reduced rate. There are different ways to pay for them in case a grant author does demand repayment due to their solutions. On obtaining the grant awarded one way to spend a grant author would be to create the repayment place. Then the grant author is offered a share of the grant that’s accorded. This can be where issues will get somewhat difficult.

Please keep my loved ones me and our church family in your prayers.

The business must produce a percentage that’s fair for the firm and to the grant writer too. This type of pay design might be unpleasant to a large amount of the companies giving cash out. The offer money is arranged for not to pay for the grant writer’s providers and a certain function. This may cause some problems obtaining government awards. Its plenty of an hourly salary and or peoples view that offer writers ought to be compensated a-one moment payment. In either case its practice that is a much better than planning the contingent pay solution. Flat-fee method or the constant wage of payment for grant writers is not worsen for them also. Not all awards are accorded. It would be a lot of function to publish a grant and not be settled as a result of motives which are beyond the grant authors control.

Elvis = Stress Management

I Am Soooooo Stressed Out!
Stress Management for Professionals

What does dessert and Elvis Presley have to do with stress management? Everything!

Everyone faces stress. It’s a fact of life. What you do with it makes the difference between enjoying your life or resenting it, between being challenged or being overwhelmed. The demands and the pace of our busy lives pressure us all. Some master it and some do not. The trick is to take back control!

In this dynamic, unconventional, and entertaining session, we will address the subject of stress from a refreshing common sense point of view. Helping you learn how to function with stress, as well as how to reduce it. You’ll learn how to feel better about yourself and become less vulnerable to stressful situations. At the same time you will learn to lighten up and see the humor that is all around us!

Some of what the participants will learn:

How to identify the “good” stress and “bad” stress

Understanding our optimal stress

The answer to two key questions to manage any stressful situation

Have a guaranteed, sure fire way to turn your love of dessert and the King of Rock and Roll into a practical, real world way to control your stress!


Change is a scary proposition for most of us. We all logically understand that change is necessary and can be a wonderful thing; yet, the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure still sometimes gets the best of us. So, here are three things you can do to help yourself manage change successfully:

1. Have a plan. Whether you initiated the change in your life, someone else decided for you, or even if chance intervened, you must take back control! If the fear of the unknown is an issue, this is the best possible way to alleviate that fear. You decide where you are going and where you want to be! Create your own final destination because, as the saying goes, if you don’t know where you are going, then any road will do! Having your own goals and a plan for achieving them puts you back in the driver’s seat.

2. Focus on what really counts. Don’t allow yourself to be derailed from your plan. Create your action steps and focus on them every day. There are plenty of distractions out there and they can take over your life if you let them. When you find yourself overwhelmed, frustrated, or distracted, ask yourself the question, “What is the best use of your time right now?” or “Is this task or activity moving me in the direction of my goal?”, and then act accordingly!

3. Stay positive! YOU must believe you can! Too often we get stuck focusing on all the things that we can’t do. You must challenge yourself to focus instead on what you CAN do! You must have faith and believe in yourself and the power of your dreams!

Tony Robbins says, “Change is inevitable; progress is not.” Challenge yourself to create positive progress with every change in your life! And remember—if you will do one thing different every single day, you have the power to make every one of your tomorrows better than today.

Put On That Clown Nose and Reduce Your Stress!


Stress management is just like a red foam clown nose! I know, it seems strange, but it is true. A simple red foam clown nose can be seen in so many ways. Some see the circus of their childhood and smile; some see the circus of their childhood and get scared. Some think it is fun, some silly, and some stupid. All of these different opinions, all derived from the same simple little red foam clown nose.

Stress is the same way: it’s not about the stress itself, but about how we perceive the stress.  Most of us have read the many articles written and studies published about stress management. Most of these articles promise tricks, tips, techniques and ideas to eliminate stress from our lives. That is an impossible task! We will never live “stress-free.” Sometimes we think, “Maybe when I retire…”, but I suspect that even retired people have stress too. What this tells us is that our goal is not the elimination of our stress, but rather the control of it.

The key to stress management is to take back control! In order to take back control of our stress we must first understand that some stress is good stress. What this means is that a certain amount of stress, called “optimal stress,” can give us energy, motivation, and help us to be more productive, more efficient, and more effective. When we go over our optimal stress daily limit for too long, we see the long term ramifications of stress. Every day you are given a certain amount of stress that is enough to give you energy and support your productivity, but not enough to be debilitating or harmful. As long as we work within that amount of stress, we are productive, efficient and effective. As you go about your day, you are asked to give your stress to different events, situations, problems and people. As long as you don’t “overspend” your stress, you can manage it. When you give more stress than you have, you become like a bank account… overdrawn!

If you think of your stress like money, it makes sense. When you have a limited amount of money, you make choices about what you will buy. When you have a limited amount of stress, you must make choices about where to spend it. We must make better decisions about how we choose to invest our stress. You must be more judicious with to whom and to what you give your stress.

So, remember how we said that some stress is good stress? That means that there are aspects of your life that, although stressful, are good. A wedding, your children, and your partner or your spouse are all rewarding AND stressful. These are vital components of our lives that we would never give up in the name of stress elimination. Most of us would not be willing to eliminate such stress!

There are also parts of our lives that are bad stresses. For example, traffic, difficult coworkers, annoying strangers—the person at the grocery store in the “15 items or less” line with 30 items! If you let those bad stresses take all of your stress bank account, you will not have any left for the good stresses–the ones you WANT to manage.

So, the keys to taking back control of your stress are, 1) When the stress hits you, stop and ask yourself, “Is this really a good use of my stress? Is it a good stress or a bad stress?”; 2) Once you have decided that it is a good stress, you take a deep breath and manage it; 3) If it is a bad stress, you must use the clown nose technique! Yes, the clown nose! Remember, everyone perceives it differently. You must redefine the way you perceive stress by framing the event in a new way. Traffic is no longer a bad stress – it is your “alone time”. That coworker is not difficult – just different. And don’t you feel sorry for that person at the grocery store that can’t count? How sad!

From now on, stress management is simple: just put on your clown nose and take back control of that stress!

Fortunately… Life’s a Cookie!

The course of your life is not set in stone…or a COOKIE! You decide who you will be. You have the ability to change! In this powerful presentation you will be inspired to TAKE CONTROL! As we head into a new era, our lives are more hectic than ever. As the world embraces the “information super highway” it is easy to find yourself feeling like you have been left behind. (Or just run over!) In an entertaining and thought-provoking format the audience will be lead through a journey to change. Using funny and heartwarming stories with a point, this presentation will prove that “LIFE IS A COOKIE”! Characteristics such as a positive attitude, hard work, determination and focus along with a solid plan of attack will ensure you get your “Just Desserts”.

This dynamic and captivating presentation will not soon be forgotten! The audience will leave exhilarated and enlightened!

Going the Distance

Constantly facing challenges in our lives to be the “best of the best,” our motivational presentation of “GOING THE DISTANCE” will help the audience believe they can achieve their highest goals. Using the acronym “DISTANCE” the audience will see how things like determination, integrity, and attitude combined with the “EYE OF THE TIGER” spell SUCCESS! In life, it’s not the winning or the losing, its going the distance! Sylvester Stallone, also known as Rocky Balboa, knew the importance of going the distance to achieve his dream.

This upbeat, energetic presentation will make you laugh, It will make you think and  it will move you to action! As it touches your heart and soul and brings to life the fire and drive in us all!

You Want Me To Do What??

“You Want Me To Do WHAT?!?”

Surviving and Thriving in a Changing World is not easy! Change is happening at breakneck speed: the competition is tougher, the customer is more sophisticated, margins are shrinking, entire industries are disappearing and everybody is downsizing—trying to that change is a constant, so we MUST embrace it to succeed.

► Some Of The Seminar Highlights Include:
Develop the 7 traits of change ready people
Gain the competitive edge not by competing but by changing the game
Create a change ready environment that will encourage innovation and cutting edge thinking

Discover the 6 key skills for change readiness

C- Communicate effectively
H- Have the skills
A- Adapt to people’s styles
N- Negotiate through the change process
G- Go with the flow!
E- Expect to succeed

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The Master Manager

The Master Manager

Moving from Manager to Leader

The Basic Game Plan
Understanding your line up
Taking advantage of different personality styles
The person and the position

The Leader’s Tool BoxCommunication skills for the leader
The leader as listener
Top ten secrets of the world’s greatest leaders

Building The Loyal Team
Creating a team people want to be a part of
How to increase enthusiasm and boost morale
Incentives that drive…and ones that don’t!

Coaching The Problem PlayerRecognizing problem player
Understanding the real problem
Holding a counseling session
Dealing with disciplinary action
Handling the unexpected (tears, anger, denial etc.)

Coaching The Willing PlayerUnderstanding the mentor relationship
The empowerment process
The manager’s KEY to success!


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There is Never Enough Time!

A Crash Course to Effectiveness!

Time Management and Organizational Skills for Professionals

Learn Julie’s Proven “4-Get Plan” To Skyrocket Your Skills!

In this dynamic, high energy, and highly interactive seminar the audience will learn the 4 key ingredients you must “get” to find success in time management and organizational skills.

Get Organized
Organizing your workspace
Establish a personal organizational system
And the “Elements” within your system for success
Using your “Master To Do List” and your “Focused Daily To Do List”

Get Prioritized
Goal setting – The long and short of it
Prioritizing for female viagra success
Short term prioritizing
Long term prioritizing (Balance in your life)
Defining the difference between high dollar and low dollar tasks
Gain a true understanding of what is urgent and important

Get Real! (Realistic expectations)Recognizing what you can and cannot accomplish…Really!
Beat the “Do It All” Syndrome
Conquering procrastination

Get Clear…In Your Communication
Delegating for success
Controlling telephone interruptions
Controlling drop-in visitor interruptions
The basics of productive and effective communication

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