Exceptional Customer Service: It’s In the Bag!

What do handcuffs, tiaras and Mardi Gras masks have to do with customer service? Everything! They all mean something and they are tons of fun, too! Help your team to see customer service skills as memorable and applicable. With the unique training tools Julie Burch brings to the table they will never forget. The difference between great and exceptional customer service is in the details. In these dynamic, high energy, and highly interactive seminars Julie focuses on the details that will set you apart from the competition. Learn what your customers want, what they don’t want and what we can do to make every customer we serve say “WOW” that was amazing service!

Julie believes that training is not just an event, it is a process. The best results come from ongoing training and development. Let Julie customize a series of two hour customer service classes to fit your specific needs. Each session building on the skills covered in the last session. This helps ensure the highest level of success. Julie will help you get results!

Some of the sessions available include:

1. Exceptional Customer Service: It’s In the Bag! Back to the basics
Everyone will want to start here!
This is the most interactive of all sessions
Identify the foundation principles of exceptional customer service
Find out why handcuffs, tiaras, and horses will make the service you provide exceptional—EVERY time!

2. Learn to Say It Better: The Positive Language of Customer Service
Understand the communication spiral
Vital verbal and nonverbal communication
Using positive vs. negative language
Avoiding “voo-doo” words and forbidden phrases
Saying “no” to a customer
Getting a customer to take action—Willingly!

3. Dealing with Difficult and Demanding Customers
The moment of truth
Don’t gamble with the 7/11 rule
Perplexing perceptions
Understanding our customer’s expectations…and how to exceed them

4. Turning the Angry and Irate Customers into Our Best Allies
Learn to take back control in emotionally charged situations
Master the skills of exceptional listening
Understand the service recovery definition
Successfully manage the 5 steps in the service recovery process
Learn to use the “2% Rule” for the angriest customers

5. Advanced Customer Service: Exceptional Communication Skills
Understanding communication styles
Building rapport through powerful communication
Learn your style and how to identify your customer’s style
Communicating with customers in their style
Work better with internal and external customers

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