Speak Up…And Actually Be Heard

Speak Up…And Actually Be Heard!Assertive Communication Skills That Get Results

What is assertive communication? What does it look like and what does it sound like? So many people are really unsure how to be assertive in their communication. Would you like to learn how to win an argument with an aggressive person? Or always have a good comeback so, you don’t walk away and then think “Why didn’t I think to say that?” Would you like to have the assertiveness skills to confront someone who does something that bugs you? Then this is the session for you! In this information packed and entertaining session, Julie Burch will clearly define assertive for you. You will laugh out loud and walk away with very real and tangible techniques. Ensuring, from that day forward, you will speak up and actually be heard!

Some of the things you will learn:

  • To Define Assertive Communication
  • Understand The Importance Of Perception
  • Julie’s Favorite Assertive Techniques
  • The blueprint for addressing
  • The fogging technique
  • The “Debbie”
  • Perception checking
  • Negative Inquiry
  • How to challenge an interruption
  • What to say when you are offended

To download a full topic description click here.

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