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Julie D. Burch


Solid Business Strategies.

Brilliant Comedic Humor.


Who "Nose" About Julie?


Dynamic, High Energy & Highly Interactive.

Julie will make your meeting memorable!

Born with a sense of humor, and a talker since she was two she is instilled with the love of storytelling, it came naturally to use her comedic humor to teach real life skills and educate audiences and leaders of tomorrow.


Keynote presentations

Engaging, entertaining, and enlightening!

Julie will bring your event to life, she mesmerizes her audience and keeps them laughing and learning--

She is a meeting planners dream!

See Julie in Action!


Breakouts and workshops

From breakout sessions at your conference to a training event designed for your team, Julie will bring the topic to life! She teaches real world techniques in a fun and memorable way!

Talk to Julie


Julie Burch Speaks!

2120 Carrington Ave

Flower Mound, Texas 75028