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Julie is the perfect speaker to kick start your conference or end it with a bang!
She is entertaining, enlightening, and engaging!
(And did we mention, she is hysterically funny?)

With Julie..

All Business is Funny Business!

Julie’s Most In-Demand Keynotes:

I Am Soooooo Stressed Out! 

Real World Stress Management Skills for Professionals

This is Julie's signature keynote presentation and her most in-demand program-- it always gets RAVE reviews! If you haven't seen Julie in her clown nose... it is a must see!

(And imagine your WHOLE audience in clown noses??)

You Make Me So MAD!!  (Emotional Intelligence)

Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace. Yours and Theirs!

What You Do Matters! (Change Management)

Being a Change Agent in a New World of Work

Fortunately, Life's a Cookie!

Learning to Set Goals, See the Joy, and Be Your Own Superhero!

Julie will customize her keynote to your audience, event, theme, goals.

Just ask her how she can make it the perfect keynote for your event!

Breakouts and Workshops

Discover the perfect program for your team!

All of Julie's programs can be tailored to fit your team needs, goals, event, or theme. She brings her experience and expertise to every program. And she brings the HUMOR! All of her programs are a cross between a training session and a stand up comedy special! Her style is relatable and down to earth; and she has the ability to connect with any audience-- even the most difficult!

Her areas of expertise work around:

Communication skills, leadership skills, team building, dealing with difficult people, conflict and confrontation, stress management, and time management. 


Some of her Topics Include:

I Am Honest. And Kind!

How to Communicate with Tact, Professionalism, and Diplomacy.

The Crash Course to Effectiveness:

Productivity for the Overworked, Over-stressed, and Overwhelmed!

Leading in a New World of Work

Leadership Skills for the new Generation

And many more... email Julie and ask about her other programs!


Julie presents webinars in a wide range of topics--

She offers them publicly for individuals looking to up their skills and customized topics for teams or groups. Email Julie and ask about her upcoming webinars or scheduling one for your team!


Julie's Topic List in a downloadable PDF
Julie's Topic List for Electric Cooperatives in a downloadable PDF
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